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July 12, 2024
Valley Stream Central High School District

Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!

July 12, 2024

Valley Stream Central, Memorial Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

November 8, 2022

Students at Valley Stream Central and Memorial Junior high schools Celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a slate of activities aimed at celebrating the contributions and cultures of Hispanic and Latino communities.

At Central, students in the World Language Department learned about famous Hispanic Americans from a variety of countries and researched a person of their choice as a project. Some of the figures included Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, writer Sandra Cisneros, musician Tito Puente, musical artist Lin-Manuel Miranda, singer Celia Cruz, and fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. Some students chose to showcase their heritage by wearing traditional clothing.

Additionally, a bulletin board in the third-floor hallway displayed facts about notable Hispanic and Latino Americans and their positive influence in their communities. The bulletin board highlighted actors, musicians, politicians, scientists and authors. Students were invited to answer the question, “¿Por qué estás orgulloso/a de tu herencia latina?” or “Why are you proud of your Latino heritage?” on a table set up in front of the bulletin board to reflect on their Latino pride.

In the library, Library Media Specialist Dolores Ayuso created outstanding displays, showcasing famous Latino authors for students to read, including Isabella Allende, Elizabeth Acevedo, Jennifer DeLeon, Federico García Lorca and Matt de la Peña. The Library Squad made daily announcements shining a spotlight on contributions made from many Hispanic people that made connections to the instruction provided in World Language classes.

Throughout the month at Memorial the Social Studies department explored and celebrated the extensive histories and diverse cultures of the Hispanic communities in America and across the world. Students also learned about the history of Hispanic Heritage month, with assignments focused on reading comprehension and various literacy skills.

Across the school building, staff and students created displays to celebrate Hispanic and Latino cultures and histories. Additionally, morning announcements followed the theme of the month-long celebration, and at the end of the month, the school was treated to a special schoolwide video celebration segment.

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Memorial Junior High School’s Social Studies Department held lessons exploring the history of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Some students in Central High School World Languages Department wore clothes showing off their Latino pride.

Students were asked to reflect on their Latino pride.

A bulletin board was created in the third-floor hallway at Central to showcase various major Hispanic figures.