Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!
June 14, 2024
Valley Stream Central High School District

Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!

June 14, 2024
north high school


North High School

Mission Statement:

To provide students with a Visual Arts program enabling them to become engaged in different art mediums, techniques and imagery. They will learn how to interpret past and present cultures as they develop skills of self-expression, flexibility, adaptation and a higher order of thinking. They will learn the skills to foster collaborative problem solving capabilities necessary for success in various future endeavors. To achieve this mission, it is the intent of the Valley Stream North’s visual arts program to provide the highest standards of instruction, incorporating the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.


Art Department Phone: (516)-564-5597

Ms. Sumitra Bruce

Mr. Allan Nafte

Ms. Stephanie Hart

Extra Help:

Mondays & Thursdays 2:45 – 3:15pm

ART Club:

Mondays – 3:15 to 4:00pm Room 325
Advisors: Ms. Hart and Mr. Nafte

Important Links:

NYSATA – New York State Art Teacher’s Association
AP Art Syllabus