Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!
June 14, 2024
Valley Stream Central High School District

Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!

June 14, 2024
Memorial Junior High School


Memorial Junior High School

Our Department

Ms. Grace Albert

Mrs. Darla Collins

Ms. Jeana Hockenjos

Ms. Taylor Hogan

Why Take Art?

Art can open up so many doors for young people.  It is an important vehicle for self-expression while providing students a sense of belonging within the school community.  Our mission as art educators is to help students face life by showing how its essence can be managed creatively.  In our complex civilization, we have the goal of uniting art and our community.  Our department provides students with the tools needed to build academic skills and keen problem solving strategies so they can build confidence and progress throughout their academic career,  thus reaching their fullest potential.

General Goal the Arts Teach Children

  • Posses confidence to meet challenges of real life situations.
  • Small differences can have large effects
  • Problems can have more than 1 solution
  • Learn to say what cannot be said
  • To make good judgments about qualitative relationships

Course Offerings

Art 7

An introductory course in art designed for all seventh grade students based upon following through on the K-6 art experience, Art 7 serves to develop perceptions in art, and awareness of media potential, and individual insights and creativity through persona expression.  The major areas of content are drawing, painting, color, design, composition, art history and construction

Art 8

Art 8 is designed to utilize and build on the knowledge learned in Art 7.  Are 8 will help students to grow as artists, further developing their understanding of a range of concepts and techniques.  Students will be introduced to various artists and styles in order to fully comprehend the principles and elements of art.  A focus will be to expand their creativity and express ability, while building upon the experience gained from the use of a variety of media.  Content will include drawing, painting. color, design, composition and art history.

Studio In Art

Studio in art is a year-long course that fulfills the New York State requirement for graduation.  This is a foundations course that will give the opportunity to explore many methods of expression.  The areas of content include Elements of design, experience in the execution of drawing. painting, 3- D media and art history.  All students will be required to fulfill project requirements for course credit.  This course is a prerequisite for all other art course.  Students who have achieved Regents required credits through music may take elective art without the Studio In Art  prerequisite, with art teachers permission