Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!
April 19, 2024
Valley Stream Central High School District

Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!

April 19, 2024

Performing Arts

Welcome to the
Valley Stream Central High School District
Performing Arts Program!

Program Information:

The Valley Stream Central High School District and the community of Valley Stream are committed to the idea that an essential aspect of every student’s education is a stimulating and sustaining quality arts education. Performing Arts program students are exposed to various disciplines where each student receives a well-rounded performing arts educational experience. The Performing Arts program is one that affords students the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse performance mediums rich in cultural and historical content. Through the combination of required and elective courses, students have the ability to explore avenues of self-expression, creativity and collaboration. This sequenced comprehensive learning, aids in the fostering of skills that are not only applicable to their discipline but may also be employed in various aspects of other curriculum areas. Our educational professionals are dedicated to not only providing students with the necessary performance skills but also the enhanced educational aspect of researching, analyzing, and relating concepts to other areas of their education as well as their lives. Our deeply rooted community connections allow students to not only give back to those that support them so unconditionally, but also prepares them for their future endeavors in the arts.

Some of the courses students can take within the Performing Arts Program include: Theatre Arts, Dance, Acting, Musical Theatre, Oral Interpretation, Text Analysis and Theatre Production.
Performing Arts Handbook


Any student in grades 9-12 within the district may choose to enter the program.

First Year students entering Level 1 of the Program are broken up into groups that are dependent upon their availability and academic schedule. Each group of first year rotates through all areas of Performing Arts on a 2-day (Odd/Even) schedule. Upper Level students may audition for an area of concentration while still supplementing their Performing Arts education with the movement (physical education) requirement and electives in Theatre Production.

Contact Information

Mrs. Kristin Martine:
Movement 1-4
Dance Concentration
Mrs. Elizabeth Kott:
Theatre Arts
Theatre Production
Acting Concentration
Mrs. Amy Neuner:
Musical Theatre Concentration
Mr. Patrick Tirino:
Musical Theatre Concentration
Mr. Richard Hoffman:
Text Analysis