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July 12, 2024
Valley Stream Central High School District

Learning, Achieving, Succeeding!

July 12, 2024

North High School Celebrates Spirit Week, Homecoming

October 23, 2023

Valley Stream North High School was awash with Spartan spirit on the week of October 9 as the school prepared for its annual homecoming.

Students celebrated their school spirit throughout the week, culminating in North’s Fall Pep Rally on Friday, October 13. As part of the celebration, the Spartan cheer, step and kickline teams performed for the student body, and introduced North’s various varsity fall teams.

That evening, North held its annual Homecoming Dance. Students enjoyed the festivities made possible by North’s Senior Class Council and advisors Marissa Baldi and Sofia Owen. The evening also saw the crowning of North’s Homecoming Royalty. Jaela Alvarez was named Royal Winner for the year, along with Homecoming Royalty Finalists Luciano DiSalvio, Karina McNamara, Charles Wu, Alyanna Nadal, Ava Strojan, Chelsea Ramdyal and Swaraj Pandit.

Finally, rainy weather couldn’t stop the festivities for the North’s Homecoming festival and football game. The festival featured games, crafts and goodie sales, which were all moved into the gym to be enjoyed by all, and despite the poor weather, the football Spartans prevailed over their opponents from Division Avenue High School 48-6.

The Spartan kickline team celebrated at North’s pep rally on Friday, October 13.

North’s varsity cheer squad performed for the student body at the school’s annual pep rally.

On the evening of October 13, North celebrated its annual Homecoming Dance.

Jaela Alvarez, third from right, was named Royal Winner for Homecoming this year.

Students held North’s Homecoming Festival indoors on Saturday, October 14 due to rainy weather. Despite this, the festival was a great success!

The festival featured games, crafts and goodie sales.