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Academic Programs and Related Activities

The district is proud of its "Most Challenging Program" which encourages students to take the most rigorous academic program appropriate to their ability. Approximately 90% of the student body starts out on the track towards a Regents diploma. In junior high, large numbers of students take an accelerated program which enables them to take college-level Advanced Placement courses in senior high.

Advanced Placement Courses

Among its schools, the district offers many college-level Advanced Placement courses, including AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP European History, AP American History, AP Government, AP Psychology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, AP French Language, AP French Literature, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP Italian Language, AP Music Theory and AP Art.


Career Prep Programs

Valley Stream offers career prep programs within the district- Commercial Foods, Cosmetology, Computer Business Operations, and Performing Arts. It also offers a Career Internship Program, to which seniors with an 80 average or above may apply to work with mentors in a career of their choice for 54-75 hours a semester.  Additionally, a wide range of Career Prep programs are provided to students by the Nassau County BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services). Students typically spend half of the day in the district taking their required academic subjects and half of the day at Nassau Tech.


Community Service Activities

Through clubs and student councils, students engage in a wealth of community service activities. They annually organize numerous food, toy, clothing and blood drives; raise tens of thousands of dollars for local charities; and also donate their time and talents to many other projects in the community.

Extracurricular Activities

The Valley Stream High School District offers a rich and diversified array of extra and co-curricular activities to encourage the positive use of the time and talents of its students. These activities include: varsity and junior varsity sports teams; performing groups in music and the dramatic arts; student government and class councils; student newspapers, yearbooks and literary magazines; and scores of other special interest and academic clubs.

Report Cards

The school year is divided into four marking periods. Computerized report cards, which parents need not sign or return, are distributed approximately five working days after the close of each marking period. Each succeeding card includes the report of the previous period(s). Parents may be contacted either by email, mail or phone when a student is doing unsatisfactory work.



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