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Psychological and Social Work Services

A staff of psychologists and social workers provides psychological and social work services for students in the district. Psychologists and social workers are assigned to each building. Diagnostic and consultation services are available to students with emotional, learning, or behavioral problems, as well as to children with special needs. Students are referred to these services primarily through guidance counselors, teachers, and school administrators, although a parent also may request assistance. In addition, psychologists and social workers may provide group counseling for special education students according to their Individual Educational Plan (IEP). To meet other needs, the district School Psychologists and social workers offer education, intervention, and prevention programs in connection with drug and alcohol abuse.

Special Education Department
Dr. William J. Bushman, Director of Special Education 872-5640


Central High School


Dr. Amy Indellicati 561-4440
Ms. Adriana Perez 561-4432

Social Workers

Ms. Michelle Cyrus 561-4442
Ms. JoAnn Hundertmark 561-4448
(Mon. & Wed.)
  Memorial Junior High School


Dr. Stephanie Haag 872-7740
Mr. Spencer Heiman 872-7732

Social Workers

Mrs. Paul-Magnes 872-7742
Ms. JoAnn Hundertmark 561-4448
(Tues., Thurs. & Friday am)

  North High School


Mrs. Christiansen 564-5593
Ms. Kaitlin Kehoe 564-5540
Dr. Melissa Byrne 564-5564

Social Worker

Ms. Elizabeth Sykes 564-5542
  South High School


Mrs. Regina Visone 791-0341
Dr. Kerry Haddock 791-0337
Mr. Edward Correll 791-0340

Social Workers
Mrs. Karen Grant 791-0328
Mrs. Susan Teich 791-0357


Friday, May 20, 2022