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NCAA is fully covered in the District's booklet "A Guide to the College Admission Process"
Use the link shown above to directly access the NCAA website. This website includes a useful guide that may be navigated to by clicking on  "Register to Become a Student Athlete", then click on "NCAA College Bound Student Athletes Enter Here"

You may then print  "The NCAA's Guide for the College Bound Athlete"

College athletics are competitive. The grades you receive in high school have a direct effect on the post secondary school and division sport you play in college. Being a good athlete doesn't automatically mean that you will be participating in sports in college.
Students who wish to participate in a sport at a Division I or Division II college must file an application with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse. Students wishing to compete at a Division III College do not need to apply for eligibility through the Clearinghouse. Eligibility is determined according to grades in designated high school core courses and scores on the College Admission Tests (ACT or SAT I).
Applications should be submitted in the Spring of your Junior year. Since senior year grades are part of the NCAA requirements, students should continue to take their senior year courses seriously. Your coach and your guidance counselor will assist with any questions you may have regarding contacting coaches from different colleges. You may also obtain further information about eligibility and the NCAA Clearinghouse at their web site at

Friday, May 20, 2022