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Bond Referendum Addresses Facility Needs

The Valley Stream Central High School District has developed a bond referendum that was presented to the community for vote and approved. The purpose of this multi-year initiative is to address facilities that are beyond their life expectancies and in need of replacement. The improvements at Central, North and South high schools, as well as Memorial Junior High School, will positively affect all students in component Districts 13, 24 and 30 when they are in grades 7-12.

The referendum includes projects identified as being of highest priority. Science labs are among the major areas that would be addressed in all four school buildings as all have significantly aged with outdated equipment and furniture. Room layouts are no longer consistent with the evolving curriculum requirements and advancements in science.

Roof repairs, bathroom replacements, electrical panel upgrades and masonry repairs at all of the buildings are also part of the project. Roofs, last replaced in the mid-1990s, have begun to pose problems such as ceiling leaks. Most bathrooms were installed over 60 years ago and have rust, peeling paint and aged equipment. Many existing electrical panels and supporting cabling was initially installed more than 70 years ago when less electricity was used. Building facades and curbs are cracked and chipped, which can result in further damage.

Multi-sport turf fields have been installed at North, South and Memorial. The Memorial field doubles as Central’s home field, meaning that Central athletes would no longer need to use Fireman’s Field for sporting events.

The total cost of the bond is $41 million, which is partially funded through New York State Building Aid at a rate of 61 percent. The proposal carries a minimal average tax increase of $50 per year for the average homeowner.

“Many of our facilities have not been updated in some time, if at all,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bill Heidenreich. “Yet they are heavily used throughout the year, and there comes a time when improvements beyond basic maintenance are needed. We have reached that point, as our last bond was 20 years ago.”



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Friday, May 20, 2022